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When I was browsing Pinterest the other day looking for ideas for blog posts I came across some images of small cows.

I thought they were kinda cute being all wooly but then I realised how small they were, about 42 inches in height, 3ft.

So I naturally got caught up looking at more images of Belted Galloway Cows or ‘Belties’ and ‘Oreo Cows’ as they’re known, for obvious reasons.

Miniature Belted Galloway

The Belties, as the Miniature Belted Galloways are often called, are a very hardy breed.

The distinct and ancient Galloway cattle were in Scotland originated in the old counties of Kirkcudbright and Wigtown area of south west Scotland. While black was the favoured colour, they could also appear as brindle, red, dun, white, brocket faced and eventually as white middled or ‘belted.’

They have a double coat, with the coarse outer coat designed to repel water.

Their under coat is not so much hair as wool, and it’s to insulate the cow against the cold.

Belted Galloways tend to have a solid color but with a white belt around their midriff.

At maturity, their height at the most reaches 42 inches at the hip bone.

Coming to America

The Belties have become popular in rural America.

Ask any local in Rockport or Camden where the “Belties” are, and they’ll point you to Aldermere Farm, long one of the area’s popular attractions, especially for kids longing for a look at the famous black and white colored “Oreo cookie” cows.

From Scotland to Maine

In 1953, the Aldermere herd of Belted Galloways was established when Mr. Chatfield purchased a bull and six cows from Harry Prock of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Chatfield subsequently brought more stock to the farm from Scotland.
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The Oreo Cow is Adorable

The Belties have become popular in artwork and there are a growing number of fans all around the world.

What’s not to love about these miniature cows.

What are your thoughts on these adorable cows?

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