Summer is one of the most magical seasons to tie the knot in. This is when nature smiles and everything is bright and lively. While summers bring warmth and happiness, they (sometimes) also bring heat and discomfort. So, when the time comes to plan a summer wedding, it’s important to consider a few things to ensure your big day (quite literally) is all sunshine and roses!

Plan Early 

If you want to have a dreamy summer wedding, it is critical to start planning at least one year before your big day. Summer is the most popular time to tie the knot. This is when the demand for wedding services is sky-high. 

Early preparations can help you get the best selection of wedding dates, venues, florists, caterers, and more. When you kick start the preparations early on, you get to pay attention to every detail and have plenty of time to mend anything that may go wrong. 

Set a Budget

When you set a wedding budget, you create a foundation for all the planning that would follow. Here’s a general breakdown of a wedding budget:

  • Venue + catering: 40% of the total budget 
  • Photography: 15% of the total budget
  • Music: 10% of the total budget
  • Florals: 10% of the total budget
  • Décor: 10% of the total budget
  • Wedding dress: 5% of the total budget 
  • Transportation: 3% of the total budget
  • Stationery: 3% of the total budget
  • Cake: 2% of the total budget

Since wedding services see a massive demand during summer, some services could cost higher in comparison to other seasons. Setting a solid wedding budget and early planning can ensure you have a peaceful summer wedding without any last-minute nightmares.

Pay Attention to the Wedding Theme and Color Palette 

Summer weddings unlock many doors to arrive at the right color palette. Flex your creative muscles and take a tour of Pinterest to settle on the perfect theme for your wedding day. You can play around with bright pastel palettes or paint your wedding in earthy tones. If you love the concept of themed weddings, don’t hesitate to navigate some options. If you’ve always dreamed of a beach wedding, try going for a classic nautical style. Or, if you’re hosting the wedding outdoors in your backyard, you can consider a bucolic country theme. Regardless of the theme or color palette you have in mind, make sure they amplify the season and make your big day shine even brighter!

Choose the Right Summer Wedding Dress

Your wedding gown is going to be the key element of your big day. When choosing your dream dress, make sure it aligns with your personal style and makes you feel confident. Remember, you’ll be walking down the aisle in the midst of summer, so choose a fabric that will keep you cool and comfortable.

Look for airy and breathable materials – such as linen, chiffon, silk, cotton, or Merino wool – that will won’t feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Go for equally comfy and functional silhouettes like short sleeves, and light and flowy skirts for maximum comfort. You can even pick out a second wedding dress if you’re looking for something more convenient after the ceremony.

Get Your Florals Right

Once you decide on a theme and a color palette, it’s time to shift the focus to the florals. Go for blossoms that bring a wave of freshness and elegance in hues such as yellow, blue, and coral. Remember, not all flowers dance in the sun. Avoid flowers that wilt easily such as lilacs, and hydrangeas. Instead, go for tropical blooms such as Birds of Paradise, orchids, Calla, and Anthurium. 

Keep the Wedding Dress Code Light and Bright 

The dress code at your wedding can also contribute to the comfort of those attending your wedding. A summer wedding is not the time for fabrics that retain heat (like velvet dresses, or wool suits). Bridesmaids and best men (or women) can select outfits made of breezy fabrics like cotton or linen. Guests must be reminded to put on something that is light, comfortable, and evokes the spirit of summer. 

Make Sure Your Guests Stay Comfy and Cool

The heat during summer can cause some people to get hot under the collar. To ensure guests enjoy your big day, place some umbrellas for them when the celebrations unfold outdoors. When choosing a venue, make sure it comes with some shaded seating spots for guests to relax. 

You can even have your wedding planner place hand fans on each seat during the ceremony. Guests can simply use these fans when they get too hot. Many couples print their wedding dates on hand fans so guests could take them home and keep them as a memory of the couples’ wedding day. 

Talk to Your Caterer

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding during summer, make sure you pay attention to what your menu offers. Fresh, crisp, and light foods can help your guests feel energized rather than slowing them down. What’s more, heavy foods can also make some guests feel sick in warm temps. Talk to your caterer about foods that are delicious and best suited for the day and prioritize fresh fruits, grilled veggies, and savory salads. While you cannot erase meat entirely, you can still avoid red meat, big roasts, and heavy steaks. 

Choose a Summer-Friendly Hairstyle

When planning for your summer wedding, it is critical to take your hair and makeup into consideration. Consult with your hair and make-up artist to determine what would go best with both the weather and your outfit. Give your makeup a test run to see how well it holds up in the heat. 

For hair, an elegant updo would be your best and safest bet. However, if you choose to wear your hair down, make sure you ask your stylist to use anti-frizz products. Check your hair once the ceremony is complete and re-fix it if you notice any frizz. When choosing hairpieces, either go for durable flowers or choose a faux flower hairpiece.

Wrapping Up!

A lot goes into planning a gorgeous summer wedding. The planning must begin early. The theme, décor, venue, and florals must sing the songs of summer. The guests must be happy and comfy. Finally, the wedding dress must be absolutely enchanting. Since we’re on the topic of summer wedding dresses, have you explored New York Dress’s wedding dress collection yet? If you haven’t already, we recommend you take a tour of their bridal dresses right away to find a wedding gown that would blend right in with your summer wedding!

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