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Hear ye, hear ye! It’s been almost a year since the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce rumors started swirling, and they’re still going strong and international. To rewind a little, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce set his sights on Taylor Swift during the U.S. leg of her Eras Tour, delighting everyone who likes to make sports puns and/or Swift lyrics references in daily conversation. Kelce made the first attempt at contacting Swift, reaching out at her tour’s KC stop and trying to give her his number. “She doesn’t meet anybody — or at least she didn’t want to meet me,” Kelce told his brother Jason on their New Heights podcast. “So, I took it personal.” He also told Jason he’d tried to pass her a friendship bracelet, but couldn’t make the completion: “I was a little butthurt that I didn’t get to hand her one of the bracelets I made for her.” Eventually the two got together when she attended one of his games (at her football stadium).

At least that’s what we thought the timeline was! In Swift’s Person of the Year profile in Time, she revealed that the pair had been hanging out for much longer than we’d thought. And now they’re seen kissing in pictures! He’s meeting up with her after taking international flights! They’re spending Christmas together! He’s in the Eras Tour! How’d they get there?

Here is the play-by-play of the dating rumors circling between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, including the latest development in Paris.

In an interview with AfterBuzz TV, Kelce plays a round of “Kiss, Marry, Kill” with Swift, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande. Like any sane person, Kelce objects to the interviewer keeping “kill” in there when “fuck” has been replaced with “kiss.” That says something very ugly about society, no? Kelce says he’d kill Grande, “kiss” Tayla, and marry Katy Perry. Mind you, this is when Perry and Swift were still beefing. Not until the “You Need to Calm Down” video, where Perry was the hamburger to Swift’s fries, did the two publicly end their feud. But it’s possible Kelce was too immersed in the ball-is-lifestyle to know about pop-star feuds. (Wait until he hears about Perry and that nun.)

Normally when there’s psychic predictions around football, it’s some sort of animal that can predict who’s gonna win the Super Bowl or something. But a couple at a 2020 Halloween party predicted the Swift/Kelce pairing a full three years before such things were even on the horizon. If they want to guess who’s going to win the Super Bowl in 2024, we won’t stop them.

At Super Bowl LVII, Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs faced off against Jason Kelce and the Philadelphia Eagles. Swift is an avowed Eagles fan, referencing the team in Evermore’s Gold Rush.” This, dear friends, is what we in the fanfic biz call an enemies-to-lovers arc.

Kelce rubbed salt in his brother’s wound in his Saturday Night Live monologue, while also making reference to his canceled dating show Catching Kelce. So what you’re saying, Trav, is that you’re not averse to smooching on-camera? Good to know, good to know.

That same month, Kelce was seen dancing to “Love Story,” so baby just say yes.

After six years of relative calm on the Taylor Swift dating-rumors front, she and Joe Alwyn call it quits. A source told People that one of their biggest issues was Alwyn’s press-shy nature. “They had plenty in common and fell in love in a safe bubble while she was retreating from the world during Reputation,” the source said. “Then the pandemic hit, and they were locked down together and able to continue growing their relationship in this insulated way. But he didn’t really ‘know’ her yet outside of that bubble.” Once Swift was out of the bubble, Alwyn didn’t like the vibe. Reportedly, he didn’t let her be bejeweled. Swift is reported to briefly rebound with Matty Healy, but it fizzles out quickly.

Kelce makes it known that he’s trying to get to know Swift a little better. Kelce made a friendship bracelet for Swift with his phone number on it, and he planned to give it to her at the Kansas City stop of the Eras Tour. Unfortunately for Kelce, Swift was gone before he could make contact. Kelce talks about his dashed hopes on his pod, with the show’s social media shouting out Kelce’s romantic mishaps’ official sponsor: Buffalo Wild Wings.

In another New Heights ep, the Kelce bros talk about Trav’s new mustache. Apparently, Kelce does the ’stache every training camp in honor of Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid. Jason asks if Travis knows what Swift thinks of the new facial hair. We’re not gonna bring up Taylor Swift in this episode,” Travis says, “but something tells me she’s gonna like it.”

Around this same time, Kelce takes his week off from training to visit New York. This is also the same time that Swift is re-creating her 1989 I’m getting papped taking my hot girl walks with my squad” era of living in New York. Swifties, being Swifties, connect the dots.

A story from the Messenger says that “Taylor and Travis have been quietly hanging out” for months. The source says the pair got together when both were in New York (as hinted at in the Kelce Bros.’ pod). On TikTok, Grace Weissend theorizes that this is stage one of Eagles fan Swift emotionally destroying Kelce. The plan will culminate with Swift opening the Super Bowl halftime show in a bejeweled Eagles jersey and Louboutin boots. Alas, Usher has already been announced as the headliner for next year’s Super Bowl. Unless he’s in on it too …

CBS announcers poke fun at Travis Kelce’s newly acquired Swiftie status, referencing Swift’s 1989 era during a Chiefs vs. Jaguars game. “Kelce finds a blank space for the score,” CBS announcer Ian Eagle said. NFL Network’s Rich Eisen did a preshow full of Swift references, which even Kelce acknowledged. “Well played Rich … Well played 👏🏻😂,” Kelce commented on IG.

During an interview on Philadelphia’s 94 WIP, Jason Kelce jokingly confirms rumors that his brother has been courting Swift. “It’s hard to answer ’cause I don’t really know a lot about what’s happening with Travis’s love life and I try to keep his business kind of his business and stay out of that world. But having said that, man, I think they’re doing great and I think it’s all 100 percent true,” he said, before immediately backpedaling. “No, I’m joking; I don’t know what’s happening.”

The next day, Travis Kelce goes on The Pat McAfee Show and admits he’s invited Swift to come watch him play. “I told her, ‘I’ve seen you rock the stage in Arrowhead, you might have to come see me rock a stage at Arrowhead and we can see which one’s a little more lit,’” he said. “We’ll see what happens in the near future.”

Kelce was spotted at the Kelce Car Jam Friday night, a fundraiser for his Eighty-Seven and Running Foundation, wearing a “Viligante Shit” friendship bracelet throughout the event. He was probably prepping the getaway car by drawing inspiration from a sultry dance number from the Eras Tour. Kelce’s following a play from Swift’s book by leaving Easter Eggs for Swifties.

Swift is spotted cheering on the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium, right next to Travis Kelce’s mom. When Kelce scored a touchdown, Swift appeared to yell “Let’s fucking go!” and chest-bump her newfound Chiefs fan friends. As Swifties will know, Taylor Swift is an inveterate mom-meeter. So this is less of a big step than it may seem. But the pair were filmed leaving the stadium, papped in the getaway car, and rumored to have bought out an entire KC restaurant in order to dine privately.

Kelce said on his podcast that he intends to keep any future hangouts with Swift more quiet than this initial one. “What’s real is that it is my personal life and I want to respect both of our lives,” he said. “She’s not into media like I am — doing this show every single week, and having fun during the NFL season on other guys’ shows, and any other show I go on from here on out. I am enjoying life and I sure as hell enjoyed this weekend, so everything moving forward, me talking about sports and saying ‘alright nah’ will have to be kinda where I keep it.”

Swift and Kelce may be planning more dates that take place outside of a stadium. Heidi Klum told the Daily Mail that she would “love to invite” the couple to her annual Halloween party and that they’d even be welcome without an invitation. She says, “If they would just show up, I’m sure no one at the door will turn them away.” I mean, she’s not wrong. The Daily Mail also alleges that the couple has joked about dressing as Barbie and Ken for Halloween. But since Swift is someone who’s dressed up as Deadpool, Olaf, and a Pegacorn in the past, maybe she has something more elaborate up her sleeve for this year’s costume.

It is once again Game Day in America, and everyone is following the movements of the first family. Mama Kelce started the day watching Jason play, sitting next to Jake from State Farm for some reason. Good for her? After the Eagles beat the Washington Commanders 34-31, Mama Kelce headed over to Trav’s game. Accompanying her in the famous folks box, per ESPN Senior NFL Insider Adam Schefter, are Swift, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, and newly single Hugh Jackman. So it’s not just State Farm that’s got her covered. Sabrina Carpenter, Sophie Turner, and Antoni from Queer Eye rounded out the who’s who at the game. Suck it, Met Gala!

While speaking to reporters after a Friday practice, Kelce noted that he currently feels more “on top of the world” than he did after winning the Super Bowl. He then calmly fielded a question about the level of attention on him and Swift. “We’re learning with the paparazzi just taking photos from all over the place, but at the same time, you know, it comes with it,” he said. “You’ve got a lot of people that care about Taylor, and for good reason. So it’s, you know, just gotta keep living and learning and enjoying the moments.” He added that he’s always been “pretty good” at compartmentalizing and staying focused on football. Basically, all this press doesn’t have Kelce pressed.

Swift skipped the Chiefs/Vikings game October 8, disappointing those Swifties who have already made wedding presents for Traylor. Swift doesn’t return to the Eras Tour until next month, but also there are plenty of other things that could occupy a Sunday besides showing up to your rumored link’s game. Working on the two Taylor’s Versions left to record, for example. Or going out tonight. Kelce suffered a no-contact injury in the first quarter, but he was back by the third. Already the Swifties are coming for artificial turf.

Swift takes no days off. She met up with Beyoncé in Los Angeles on October 11 for the premiere of her Eras Tour movie, but managed to make it back to Arrowhead Stadium the next night to watch the Kansas City Chiefs win against the Denver Broncos. At the very least, it was another successful date with Mama Kelce.

Kelce and Swift both made brief appearances on the Saturday Night Live season 49 premiere. Kelce cameo’d in a sketch, and Swift introduced musical guest Ice Spice. Of his cameo, Kelce said on his podcast “I don’t even remember what I said, I blacked out. As soon as they queued to me, the entire place erupted, which was very overwhelming.”

According to the New York Post, the pair were kissing at the after party (at Catch Steak, in flagrant disregard for what the ladies of RHONY feel about that particular restaurant group.) Kelce allegedly asked Swift’s bodyguards to stand down, a rumor he addressed on New Heights. Kelce said he did not push a bodyguard out of the way, but merely tapped him in an “ope lemme scooch on by” fashion. He did cop to protective behavior in front of paparazzi. “I feel like whenever I’m on a date I’m always having the sense of like, I’m a man in the situation, I’m like protective, yeah for sure,” he said. “You always kind of have that feeling, or that self-awareness, I guess.” The pair were papped holding hands as they left Nobu later that night. It’s officialish?

While SAG stars scramble to ensure their Halloween fits comply with the strike guidelines, Kelce gives scab-free costume advice. “The ‘stache and the 87 jersey were pretty iconic,” he answered in a press conference on the perfect Traylor costume. “I had [the mustache] when I met Taylor for the first time… maybe a bracelet.” Just add a little red lipstick and foundation on the nose from the SNL night and it’s a perfect look.

Taylor Swift has become such a mainstay at Chiefs games that the statisticians have gotten involved. Not only did Vulture do its own investigation, the NFL put up an infographic during Sunday’s game looking at how well Kelce plays depending on whether or not Swift is in attendance. Swift has also developed a celebratory handshake with Brittany Mahomes.

We are truly in the 1989 era, folks, and almost 9 years ago to the date, Swift gave Kelce the guide to win her heart. Say, it’s been a long six months since the news broke that Swift and Alwyn broke up. Now, with Kelce, he’s giving her pictures on the ‘gram, with kisses on cheeks (cheeks). Chariah Gordon, girlfriend of Chief’s Mecole Hardman Jr., posted a cute pic with Swift giving Kelce some PDA post-game.

Swift met Mama Kelce right at the very beginning of this love story, but it’s taken longer for Papa to offer his two cents. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the Kelce patriarch said the key to the relationship is that they are both very work-focused. “I think they are two very, very driven professional individuals,” he said. “I think they’re very supportive of each other, which is key. This is a rough time for either one of them to have a relationship. She’s in the middle of this ginormous tour, he’s knee deep [in the NFL season]. At least he takes his just as serious as she takes hers as far as commitment to their craft.” Oh, and his favorite Swift song is “You Belong With Me.” Someone’s not like the other girls!

Catching flights and feelings, eh? Multiple outlets obtained footage of Kelce touching down (in a jet) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the latest stop on the international leg of the Eras Tour. Swift rescheduled her second show in the South American country due to weather conditions, which cleared her schedule to get dinner while holding Kelce’s hand. Per the Daily Mail, Scott Swift also joined the couple for the meal. Hey, she’s met Papa Kelce so many times that this only seems fair.

Kelce attended Swift’s concert in Buenos Aires, where he was spotted eating chips, grooving to “willow,” and chanting “olé” with the crowd. But most notably, Swift changed the lyrics to “Karma,” from “Karma is the guy on the screen, coming straight home to me,” to, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me.” Since the NFL is famously televised, the original lyric would technically still work, but maybe she just really wanted to hammer home the point. Post-concert, the pair even shared a very (and perhaps even deliberately) public kiss as Swift ran off stage.

It took being named Time’s “Person of the Year” for Swift to give her first print interview since the folkloreevermore era, where she spoke about her relationship with Kelce. Swift said their relationship began shortly after Kelce spoke about her on New Heights, calling that move “metal as hell.” “So we actually had a significant amount of time that no one knew, which I’m grateful for, because we got to get to know each other,” she said. So, no, that first Chiefs game wasn’t their first date. “We would never be psychotic enough to hard launch a first date,” she added. And, yeah, she’s honestly been enjoying those games. “Football is awesome, it turns out,” Swift said. “I’ve been missing out my whole life.”

Swift once again attended a Chiefs game, this time as they played the Buffalo Bills. Tony Romo accidentally called Swift Travis Kelce’s wife during the broadcast. Which is something much of SwiftTok is predicting for 2024 anyway. Romo’s just getting in on the ground floor.

Swift brought the whole family to support Kelce on Christmas Day in Kansas City: Mama Swift, Papa Swift, and Santa Swift— it looks like the bearded gift giver is seemingly Austin Swift. She wore a Santa hat with 87 embroidered on the cap as she cheered on her man.

Despite working on The Tortured Poets Department for a few years, Swift found some time to sneak in a few songs about her latest romance on the album. “The Alchemy,” “So High School,” and the end of “But Daddy I Love Him” are seemingly about Kelce, with the lyric video of “So High School” highlighting their initials in the visuals.

We began our journey with Kelce trying and failing to give Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it. Now, he’s in the Eras Tour. During the newly added Tortured Poets section, Swift includes a shortened version of “So High School,” where she and her dancers are swag surfing and doing Kelce’s game day moves in the bleachers.

Emily in Paris? More like Kelce in Paris. After filming Ryan Murphy’s Grotesquerie earlier in the week, Kelce flew across the pond to see Swift perform at the Eras tour. She wore Chiefs-inspired colors during the 1989 era and seemingly dedicated the surprise song mash-up “The Alchemy” and “Treacherous” to him.

This story has been updated throughout.

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