Nature’s Different Ways

The wind purrs like a kitten or can howl like a lion,
The sun shines when she’s smiling and the rain falls when she’s crying,
Flowing lava, she’s a-crawling, floating clouds now she’s flying,
Running waters where she’s washing, arid deserts where she’s drying.

Fresh snow shows that she’s holy, autumn leaves her grand display,
Fiery comets race at night, blue skies brighten up the day,
The mountains stand majestic, the tall trees gently sway,
Trickling brooks make music, as the mantis kneels and prays.

Stars twinkle when she’s flirting, fragrant blossoms when she’s gay,
Dark skies when she’s been hurting, gentle breeze when she’s at play,
Fierce tsunamis when she’s angry, bountiful produce when she’s glad,
Bright flowers say she feels pretty, rumbling earth says she feels bad.

Neath the bright light of the sun and the coolness of the shade,
Is the essence of it all, Nature’s many different ways,
Yeah, the picture’s right before you, and hopefully you can see,
The magnificence and the grandeur of just how it’s supposed to be.

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