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Do you ever ask yourself What was I born to do?

I believe most people go to their grave not knowing what they were born to do and that is such a shame. Part of the reason we were put on this earth is to find out what we are here for, to find out our purpose in life. Once we’ve found our purpose then we can begin to really live life the way it was supposed to be lived: with joy, with passion, with caring, with heart and in the service of others.

Usually when we find what we were born to do we bring our joy and passion to others either by performing, teaching or sharing.

image of numbers flying through the universe

I have found my purpose in life through writing, and teaching others and I would love for you to find out what you were born to do.

This numerology quiz is to get you thinking about what you were born to do. It’s a bit of fun but has a more serious reason and that is to help you find your purpose.

After you take this fun numerology quiz throughout the day and every day ask yourself: what was a born to do?

You’ll find that answers start coming to you in strange and wonderful ways but you have to be open to the signs. So go ahead take this quiz and then maybe it will be the first step on your journey to finding out what you were truly born to do in life.

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