2005 MTV Movie Awards - Show

Photo: J. Merritt/FilmMagic

Challengers robbed! MTV has announced that they are putting the Movie & TV Awards on hiatus for a year. That means there will be no official Best Kiss of 2024. Or best fight (again, Challengers robbed). A spokesperson told Billboard the show was “on pause,” but “will return with a reimagined format in 2025.” That’s a second reimagining in the award shows history, since the inclusion of TV shows in 2017. Millennials are fond of the MTV Movie Awards for the previously mentioned kiss and fight categories, but also for memorable hosting gigs by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Andy Samberg (whose first big TV gig was writing for the 2004 MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Lindsay Lohan). Last year, Drew Barrymore was set to host the show. Then the WGA went on strike, and both the award show and Barrymore went through a series of, oh, let’s say “reputational challenges.”

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