We’ve all been there. Popcorn in hand, watching prom night scenes in movies and wondering how they’re all about some of the best teenage experiences and romantic grand gestures. What we didn’t realize, however, is how prom night is about the dress you’re going to flaunt more than anything else. And when the time finally comes to choose your prom dress, you’re faced with the question, “which style would work best for your own prom night?”

In this article, we list the types of prom dresses that are trending the most this year. We also discuss the history of prom and how prom trends evolved over the years. 

First, the History 

Prom is undoubtedly one of the most important events for teenagers across the globe. But did you ever dwell on how this tradition came about? 

Prom is, in fact, short for “promenade.” Its origins date back to as early as the mid-1800s. Promenade means a formal dance and presentation of its guests. This tradition that we so widely celebrate today was initially popularized by college students. It took until the 1930s for prom formals to reach high school. As the years passed by, this tradition continued to become increasingly popular and extravagant. 

The popularity of prom is hardly surprising. After all, this long-standing tradition continues to be the one last important night that marks the end of high school before you embark on the next phase of your life.

A Journey Across the Prom Trend Timeline 

One of the things that make prom night all the more special is the dress you choose to wear. As the history of prom night evolved, so did its fashion. Let’s journey through how prom dress trends evolved over the decades. 

The 1950s: Tea-length dresses with hemlines reaching the mid-calf, tulle skirts with tight bodices, dresses with flower detailing or chiffon sashs, applique detailing, and elbow-length gloves were all the rage.

The 1960s: The early ‘60s saw subtle changes in style like a slightly raised waistline and puffier hair. As time went by, many women chose to wear knee-length sheath dresses instead of formal gowns. Other popular trends during this decade included dresses with empire waists.

The 1970s: The 70s saw lots of eyelet lace dresses and the rise of minimalistic strappy gowns.

The 1980s: The 80s were all about extravagant ruffles, tulle skirts, and polka dot tulle. This was also the decade when short dresses replaced floor-length gowns. 

The 1990s: Early 1990s saw the slightly upgraded remnants of the ‘80s. Styles such as off-shoulder minis and shoulder pad dresses also became popular trends. 

The 2000s: The 2000s saw lots of satin dresses, shifting the spotlight to minimalistic fashion. The late 2000s, on the other hand, saw a variety of tiered dresses and princess gowns. 

The Most Popular 2023 Prom Dress Trends

From bright and bold colors to sophisticated sequins – 2023 is an exciting year for prom dress trends with a wide spectrum of diverse style options to choose from!

Dramatic Fit and Flare is Here for the Win

Your prom dress is one of the most important elements of your prom night. So, why not go all in and make a statement your peers will never forget? 

This daring 2023 trend merges the gorgeousness of a sleek silhouette with the glamor of shiny fabric and a formal train. 

You can perfect the dramatic fit and flare trend by picking out a mermaid prom dress in stretch satin. If you really want to take your dramatic look seriously, don’t hesitate to throw in a long train!

Bold and Bright Colors

Bright and fluorescent hues like orange, blue, pink, and green have taken the prom trend by storm this year. The color hot pink has also been a special favorite on major red carpets. 

Glittery and Iridescent Fabrics 

Your prom night is your night to shine – literally and metaphorically. So, naturally, iridescent and glittery fabrics are a popular 2023 prom dress trend. 

Nothing screams glamor like a shiny (and sparkly) prom dress. No, we’re not talking about dresses made from fake rhinestones. We’re talking dress fabrics that can easily incorporate sequins, glitter, and other iridescent material that offer you a glamorous, mermaid feel sans the body-hugging silhouette. 

Feathery Aesthetics

Feathers are a great way to infuse your prom dress with a heavy dose of personality. You can incorporate this trend in your prom attire by either embellishing your dress with feathers or adding balanced accents through your shoes or jewelry. 

The Ever-Green Corsets 

Prom dresses that flaunt corset bodices or other corset-y details (like boning and lacking) top the list of 2023 prom dress trends. 

This is not surprising, considering how corsets can be flattering for a variety of body types. A corset dress would be a fantastic choice if you’re looking to add a delicate, feminine vibe to your attire. 

Sophisticated Sequins 

Don’t be surprised if you see lots of sequin prom dresses on the dance floor this year. Sequins have always been a popular fashion choice for fancy events and proms are no exception. Today, however, sequins have reached another level of sophistication. They’re used for several intricate designs including ombre-like effects and sunburst patterns on full silhouettes. 

The Lace-Applique Trend

Lace applique is hands down the most popular design when it comes to feminine detailing. The best part about lace designs is that they can be sewn onto prom dresses in strategic areas for a delicate yet revealing look. For this reason, lace dresses have become popular even among those who are not fans of lace dresses. 

How to Find the Best Prom Dress In 2023

Your prom night is arriving soon, and you’ll clearly be the star of your night. Now that you’ve understood which types of dresses would be the most fashionable this year, it’s time to get to work. Take a little detour to NewYorkDress’s high-end, designer dress inventory to find the dress you’ll fall in love with!

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