Maya Rudolph has now parodied Hot Ones three times, once on Loot as her character Molly Wells and now twice as Beyoncé on Saturday Night Live, and yet somehow has still never been on as a guest herself. She knows better than to do that. After playing Beyoncé trying and failing to slay her appearance on the hot sauce-filled show back in 2021, SNL brought her back for a mulligan this weekend, with Rudolph’s Bey making an effort to redeem herself. “This is the only thing that I have attempted, that I did not slay,” she said. But alas, two wings in, the “YA YA”-singer goes cross-eyed. “Damn, my bones are hot,” she said, before summoning her assistant, “I need you to go on Google and search, ‘Is it possible to take someone’s bones out they body, replace them with bones that aren’t on fire.’” She proceeds to request her face be blurred while she burps, before asking for host Sean Evans’s (Mikey Day) milk, which she promptly throws on his face. “You need to kill yourself Gollum,” she tells him, before getting out of the appearance like only Beyoncé could.

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