Russia – Ukraine war latest news and updates of the General Staff of Ukraine for the last operational 24 hours for May 13, 2024. 

810 day of the russian large-scale invasion and 3,734 day of the russia’s war against Ukraine begins.

In the Kharkiv direction, the operational situation remains complex and dynamically changing.

Combat operations are underway in the directions Pylna – Lukyantsi, Pylna – Hlyboke, Pylna – Oliynikove, Murom – Bugruvatka.
In addition, the russian occupiers are conducting assault operations in the directions of Strilecha – Hlyboke, Oliynikove – Hlyboke, Olynikove – Lukyantsi, Murom – Staritsa, Pletenivka – Tyche.

During the day, the enemy carried out 22 assaults in these directions, 14 of them are still ongoing.

Fighting is going on for the border town of Vovchansk. The russian enemy used significant forces to attack the city in the composition of up to 5 battalions and does not count with its own losses. The Russian invaders lost more than 100 occupiers in one day only by being killed in this direction.

At present, the russian troops have tactical success.

Measures are planned for the destruction of the enemy, which has wedged itself into our defense.

Ukrainian defenders conduct defensive actions, inflict fire damage on the enemy, widely use unmanned systems for the purpose of conducting reconnaissance and performing pinpoint strikes to achieve maximum losses.

Reserves are being deployed to stabilize the situation. In the course of determining the tasks of the troops, one of the main priorities is the preservation of the lives of our soldiers.



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