Whether you’re trying to manage screen time and avoid certain websites, or whether you’re setting some boundaries on your kid’s device, there’s an easy way to block sites on your iPhone.

If it’s specifically the latter, you can also set up parental controls on your iPhone — just know they’re not the full answer. But if you’re keen to know how to simply filter websites directly so they don’t show up in Safari, here’s an easy guide.

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How to block websites on iPhone

Step 1:
Open Settings on your iPhone.

It’s the icon with the grey cogs.

Step 2:
Tap “Screen Time”.

A screenshot showing "Screen Time" in settings.

Credit: Shannon Connellan / Apple

Step 3:
Tap “Content & Privacy Restrictions”.

You may have to enter your Screen Time passcode if you’ve enabled it.

A screenshot showing "Content & Privacy Restrictions".

Credit: Shannon Connellan / Mashable

Step 4:
Toggle on the switch that reads “Content & Privacy Restrictions” and tap “Content Restrictions”.

A screenshot of the "Content & Privacy Restrictions" toggle on.

Credit: Shannon Connellan / Apple

Step 5:
Tap “Web Content.”

Step 6:
Choose from “Unrestricted Access,” “Limit Adult Websites,” or “Allowed Websites.”

If you pick “Limit Adult Websites” you can choose specific websites to always allow or never allow. If you pick “Allowed Websites” you can select certain websites to only allow, and you can add extra sites here.

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