Piping plover with one egg in nest by Emily Puleo (courtesy DEC)Piping plover with one egg in nest by Emily Puleo (courtesy DEC)The piping plover, a small shorebird, is an endangered species that nests on Long Island‘s beaches. They typically arrive in early spring to breed, selecting sandy beaches and dunes as their nesting habitat. These areas provide camouflage for their eggs and chicks. Their nesting season coincides with the busiest time for beachgoers, presenting a challenge for their conservation.

Actions wildlife advocates take to protect nesting sites may include: putting up fencing and signs near nests and surrounding habitats; monitoring and surveying nests; and installing protective “exclosures” around nests to keep birds safe from predators.

By safeguarding plover breeding grounds and minimizing disturbances their advocates aim to increase nesting success and overall productivity.

To help protect the piping plover chicks please stay out of any marked areas.


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