This Eras Tour sisterhood is on another level. On Monday, Gracie Abrams announced the track list for her June 21 album, The Secret of Us, including a song titled “Us” featuring Taylor Swift.

“Screaming so loud………..” Abrams captioned the post, which included the 13-song track list.

The album will feature songs such as “Felt Good About You,” “Normal Thing,” “Tough Love,” and “Free Now,” and a bonus track, teased as a “P.S.” titled “Close to You.” The Swift-Abrams song will be Track 5. Abrams spent much of last summer opening for Taylor Swift during the North American leg of the Eras Tour. She also joined Swift onstage for “I Miss You, I’m Sorry.”

“I watched every single one of her shows that I was lucky enough to open — I think I did 31 and I watched from every place possible in each stadium just trying to pick up on how she’s able to do what she does,” she told Jimmy Fallon last week. “And she’s such a one-of-a-kind person, friend, artist, all the things.”

Abrams announced The Secret of Us, produced by National’s Aaron Dessner, last month. “We had real, true fun writing this album,” Abrams wrote at the time. “There were also the occasional tears.” Also on the album is a track called “Good Luck Charlie.” Is that a Disney Channel reference?

The first single from The Secret of Us was “Risk,” which dropped at the beginning of the month. Abrams said she wrote “Risk” with her best friend/collaborator Audrey Hobert “on our couch at home,” adding: “The music is yours in basically five seconds and we cannot wait. I. Love. You.”

Abrams’ debut album, Good Riddance, dropped last February. Speaking with Rolling Stone last year, Abrams spoke about the incredible impact songwriting has had on her life.


“I feel really more grateful than I ever have for what songwriting has provided me just as a person outside of music,” she said. “I grew up using it as a tool to process shit but like…to have done it and to finish something…I very much felt like I had kind of done the grieving and really let go of what I needed to.”

The Secret of Us Track list:
1. “The Good About You”
2. “Risk”
3. “Blowing Smoke”
4. “I Love You, I’m Sorry”
5. “us” feat. Taylor Swift
6. “Let It Happen”
7. “Tough Love”
8. “I Know It, I Know You”
9. “Gave You I Gave You I”
10. “Normal Thing”
11. “Good Luck Charlie”
12. “Free Now”
P.S. “Close to You”

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