Traditionally, slot machines only took coins. But in these modern times, finding coin slots in Las Vegas is becoming more difficult. Casinos have mostly switched over to the ticket voucher systems, even though more and more properties are changing the rules on slot ticket redemption.

But even as Sin City rushes into the 21st Century and becomes more “modernized”, there are still a certain number of players who seek out coin slots in Las Vegas. And whether it’s from nostalgia or just wanting something different, there are a few of these machines left around town. The tricky part is finding them, but that’s where we come in!

We’ve looked around the web and found these locations still have slot machines that not only accept coins, buy payout in coins as well (cue the clanking sound effects here)! SO let’s begin with one of the more obvious places on the Strip, even if it is overlooked by most.

Circus Circus recently overhauled there Slots A Fun, which is sort of a miniature casino. They haves a nice selection of coin slots in Las Vegas with about 75 slot machines that take tokens, and spanning various denominations from just a quarter up to $5.

Then there’s the more modern property, The D, downtown on Fremont Street. This casino has chosen to preserve the legacy of coin gaming with the Sigma Derby. The player favorite horse-racing simulator has a genuine and dedicated following, drawing crowds when it’s up and running.

Staying downtown we come to The California with a fair number of coin-operated gaming options. This Boyd Gaming property has a real taste of the classic casino ambiance many folks enjoy, and it’s not too far from the Fremont Street Experience.

Rounding out our list of  coin slots in Vegas is the historic El Cortez, another classic property. This property not only has coin slots, but video poker as well! So while there may not be too many of these machines still available, if you’re willing to tack a taxi or ride share you can enjoy an afternoon playing these classic, loved games.