Pop girlie spring is over, apparently. It’s surprise hip-hop summer. Childish Gambino just released Atavista, a new album featuring verses from Ariana Grande, 21 Savage, Summer Walker, and more. The first video is for “Little Big Foot,” featuring Young Nudy. The video stars Quinta Brunson as a hard-nosed entrepeneuse, and was directed by Glover’s Childish Gambuddy Hiro Murai. “this album is the finished version of “3.15.20”, the album i put out 4 years ago. there’s a special vinyl coming soon w/ visuals for each song,” Donald Glover wrote on Twitter. As previously stated, Glover released 3.15.20 in (duh) 2020. Then a bunch of other stuff happened, to Glover and to the world. In other long-anticipated news, Glover maintains that his schedule is not what’s holding up the Community movie. “It’s happening but I don’t know when. I swear, it’s happening,” he said earlier this month.

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