SAVE $60: The Carrera Smart Sunglasses with Alexa are on sale at Amazon for $329.99, marked down from the normal price of $389.99. That’s a 15% discount.

Summer is just a few blinks away, and what better way to welcome in the warmth than with a long stroll in the sun? How about listening to your favorite tunes or playing an audiobook while you walk? If these two activities sound like your ideal summer, Amazon has a great deal in store today.

As of May 14, the Carrera Smart Sunglasses with Alexa are $329.99 at Amazon, discounted from the normal price of $389.99. That’s $60 off.

The Carrera Smart Sunglasses with Alexa are multi-purpose, serving as polarized sunglasses, open-ear headphones, and your connection to Alexa. First and foremost, the sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful rays with polarized lenses that have UV400 protection. Since you’ll be wearing them in the summer, the IPX4 water and sweat resistance can also be useful. There’s also an anti-reflective coating on the lenses.

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In terms of sound, the Carrera Smart Sunglasses with Alexa are designed with open-ear audio, which means you can tune in without having to wear headphones or earbuds. The sunglasses direct audio into your ears while minimizing the amount of sound that leaks into your surroundings. This means you can walk the beach while listening to your summer jams and also hear the waves. The smart glasses also eliminate the need for earbuds or headphones, which are oh-so-easy to forget at home.

You can also take calls on the Carrera Smart Sunglasses with Alexa, giving you hands-free power. If you’re on a call and don’t want the other end to hear what’s on your side, a double-press can mute the audio.

The smart sunglasses get up to six hours of battery life with continuous media playing or up to 14 hours with moderate usage. Amazon mentions it takes about two and a half hours to fully recharge the smart glasses on the included charging stand.

If you’re the type who prefers to simplify tech, the Carrera Smart Sunglasses with Alexa can serve as sunglasses, personal audio speakers, and a hands-free way to take phone calls. Summer walks could be better than ever thanks to the features you’ll get with these smart sunglasses, not to mention the stylish design.

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