It’s Monday so you know what that means: an all-new Below Deck episode is dropping! Bravo‘s hit series continues its successful charter season in the waters of Grenada, with Captain Kerry Titheradge at the helm. While Chief Stew Fraser Oleander has struggled to keep the interior crew in line—including newcomer Chef Nick Tatlock—Bosun Ben Willoughby has had a relatively easy time with his deckhands. Until tonight when Below Deck‘s resident flirt Dylan Piérre De Villiers is put to the test. A young, comely group of charter guests beckons him to chat while they are lazing in the hot tub late in the wee hours. What could go wrong?

Our exclusive clip beings with Willoughby going down for the night as Dylan chats with a beautiful, but sun burned charter guest, Sarah— the daughter of the primary guests—as they ease themself into the hot tub. Inside at the bar, third stew Paris Field asks second stew Barbie Pascual, “Dynamite Dylan, ok?” “Yeah, he’s fine,” says Barbie warily. As Barbie continues her duties, the guests continue to flirt with the very handsome Dylan. “Maybe we should play Truth or Dare,” suggests Sarah. “I’m gonna go dare,” replies Dylan.

The kind of girl who shoots her shot, Sarah orders Dylan: “Take off your shirt and do your best dance for us.” The camera cuts to Dylan in his confessional: “I’m just thinking to myself, ‘fuck, Dylan, is this a good idea?’” Back on the deck, the girls hoot and holler as Dylan takes off his shirt to reveal his rock-hard abs and perfect Caribbean tan. As he dances cheekily around the deck, he pours a bottle of water over his chest—eliciting shrieks from the ladies and himself. “Oh yeah, baby,” Dylan laughs as he finishes his twerking.

In his confessional, Dylan counts the reasons no to hook up with a young, bikini-clad charter guest. “Number one, Kerry’s gonna skin [my] balls,” says Dylan practically. “Number two, it is a friable offense.” To his credit, Dylan chooses to keep it professional…as professional as only a young, horny deckhand can be. “Let me get your guys’ Instagrams so when I come your way, you can show me around,” Dylan says to the ladies. Back to his interview, Dylan tells the camera: “I know there is a risk factor in this, and I decide to play it on the safe side.”

Find out if Dylan waited until the charter was over to slide into the ladies’ DMs tonight in an all-new episode of Below Deck at 9/8c on Bravo.

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