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Imagine having a desire in your life and someone gave you the magic formula to make it happen. Think about the 55×5 law of attraction method a bit like the magic formula.

If you’re into the Law of Attraction you’ve more than likely heard of the 55×5 Method or the 33×3 method. But have you actually tried it out?

Both of these techniques require that you write down your desire for 55 or 33 times for 5 or 3 days, depending on the method you prefer. I will show you exactly what to do in this article to make it work for you.

It’s one of the most powerful law of attraction techniques around – anybody can do it! Even if you’re totally new to the law of attraction and don’t believe it works.

All you need is 10 to 20 minutes a day.

Whilst explaining exactly what to do with the 55×5 law of attraction method I will share with you the 7 secrets that will make it really powerful for you.

What is the 55×5 Law of Attraction Method?

To put is very simply it’s taking ONE of your desires, turning it into a positive affirmation statement and writing that statement down 55 times for five days. That’s it!

However, there’s a few secrets that will make this magical manifestation technique work even better and even quicker for you.

Also please don’t think your desires will come about within the 5 days of doing this. A lot of the time it will, but what we are really doing here is focusing our energy on a desire and making it laser focused ~ Energy flows where attention goes.

What we are doing is sending messages to our subconscious mind about the desire we wish to manifest and we’re instructing it to start working on that desire. If we did not focus on it so intently for 5 days the subconscious mind would not be as focused on the desire. Subsequently the desire might not come about as quickly as we intended.

7 Secrets to The 55×5 Law of Attraction Method

1 – Think Bigger

What a lot of people do when they try the 55×5 law of attraction method is they test it. By that I mean they think ‘I will try this with a small desire to see if it really works.’ don’t do that. The law of attraction works just as powerfully if you are asking for a very small desire to happen or a bigger desire.

Now, that is not to say that you can ask for £1 million to come into your life and it will be just as easy as asking for £1 to come into your life. Why is that?

It’s a simple case of Cognitive Dissonance which means that you cannot hold two opposing beliefs in your mind at the same time. So if you tried to manifest £1 million you just would not believe that could happen, your subconscious mind would just baulk at the possibility of this happening and the stronger of two opposing beliefs would win the day.

That is not to say you cannot go big.

The secret is to have a stretch belief, meaning that you think about something that is just outside your grasp just now but not that much that it makes it almost impossible to reach.

To find your stretch belief I want you to try the ESM Exercise: Easy, Stretch, Moonshot exercise.

When it comes to money ask and answer these questions:

  1. How much more money could I easily make this week?
  2. How much money could I make that would be harder for me but achievable?
  3. How much money would be a moonshot goal for me this week?

So with question 1 start small and work up e.g. Could I easily bring in an extra £1 in my life this week? £10 per week? £100 this week? £250, £500, £1000

Pretty soon you’ll come to a figure that is not easy but you think you could just about manage it. When you reach that figure that is the start of your stretch belief which is question 2.

Do the same for question 2. So your last figure from question 1 might have been £1,000, so your stretch question starts at £1,000. Now keep going up until you start to think ‘Nah! there’s no way I could do that.’ that’s when you’ve reached your limit of your stretch belief.

Then it’s question 3. Your moonshot belief is something you’d love in your life that you think is virtually impossible but possibly still achievable if you had the right skills, knew the right people, had a little luck and everything was perfectly aligned.

Answering question 3 is not about plucking a number out of your head it’s about saying to yourself I could achieve that one day but not this week. You might be thinking £1 million is achievable in your lifetime but just not this week, or you might lower it to £500,000 or £100,000. Could you get an extra £100,000 this week? it’s possible if you sold your house or sold everything you owned or sold your pensions everything. So £100,000 is not as impossible as it sounds. Find your moonshot belief.

So the figure you use is around the middle of the stretch belief figures e.g. if you went up from £1,000, then £2,000, £3,000, £4,000, £5,000. £5,000 might be the start of your moonshot beliefs. So the middle is £3,000 and that’s the figure you would use as your stretch belief.

The great thing about doing the Easy, Stretch, Moonshot exercise is that it literally stretches your beliefs about what is possible. this therefore makes you think bigger in everything you do and gives you more motivation. I will write another article on this in full later on.

So, do not test the 55×5 law of attraction method by going small. If you do this you will do it half heartedly and it will not work. You have to go in giving it your all so make your desire a stretch desire, something that is achievable but just outside your grasp at the moment.

2 – Make It Your Desire

Another mistake a lot of people make is that they create a desire that is outside their control or they try and use the law of attraction to manipulate other people e.g. ‘I would like [someone] to fall in love with me’

Make your desire yours and something that gives you complete control and power. If you desire someone else to fall in love with you you are giving all your power away and effectively saying I cannot be happy until this person loves me. You see what you are doing here?

The 55×5 law of attraction method is about giving power to you and helping you to believe in your own power. We all have seemingly magical powers, but a lot of the time we waste it or give it away to other people which diminishes its effectiveness. The more you give your power away the less power you have for yourself.

Check this article out: 7 Irrational Thoughts That Disrupt Your Life

3 – Starting To Believe

The first thing you have to do is prepare your mind to believe in the 55×5 law of attraction method. I know I said you don’t have to believe in it for it to work, however setting up your mind to believe will make it work faster for you.

I spoke about cognitive dissonance earlier on in the article and if you use the 55×5 law of attraction method thinking it is never going to work then it won’t work. This will strengthen your resolve that the law of attraction just doesn’t work. So, I am not asking you to believe me 100% I am asking you to try the belief on and see if it works for you that way.

To try a new belief on all you simply do is tell yourself that you’re going to try this new belief that the 55×5 law of attraction actually works. You’re telling yourself you’re giving it a go and keeping an open mind. If it works – fantastic, if it doesn’t work then no harm no foul.

This way you are instructing your subconscious mind to be open to the possibility that the 55×5 law of attraction might actually work. otherwise your subconscious mind just shuts down to the possibility of this method actually working.

4 – Set Up a Start Date

To prepare yourself for actually using the 55×5 law of attraction method a great way to do it is to set a start date for using it.

What you are effectively doing is something called delayed gratification.

What a lot of people do when they hear about the 55×5 method is they start it straight away and after one day get bored with it and discontinue it.

When you set a start date you are preparing and organising you mind to have much more success with it.

What you are also doing here is creating excitement around the whole exercise and creating a desire to make it happen. when you do this you are more likely to finish the method than someone who starts it immediately.

So set up a start date, whether it be tomorrow or in a few days. in the meantime read as much info as possible about the 55×5 law of attraction method, I’ll give you some great articles and some videos to do your research at the end of this article. This will create even more excitement around the whole process.

5 – Take Action

Here’s a huge secret that no one really speaks about.

You have to take action when you’re using this method. You see, what will happen is that you will spend 20 minutes per day for five days writing down your affirmation desire and then just sit back and wait.

The whole point of doing this is to start listening to the ideas and information that comes from your subconscious mind. When you are instructing your subconscious mind your particular desire is happening just now, your subconscious mind has to align with what you’re telling it and what is actually happening in your life.

As you are going about your day to day life, you will find that you start to get ideas that relate to your desire. Act on those ideas and start taking action immediately. That is what the law of attraction is all about.

6 – Feeling Your Desire

Another huge secret is the fact that you’ve got to get in an emotional state of actually having acheived your desire.

As you create your affirmation that you will use for the first 55×5 law of attraction method exercise do this exercise.

Close your eyes and FEEL what it would be like when you have achieved your desire. So if your desire is to bring in another £3000 into your life how do you feel about that, what does it feel like when you tell your partner about it, or your children, or what does it feel like to be able to pay off your debt.

It’s your feelings that will truly help kick this amazing method into a powerful manifestation technique that you will use for the rest of your life.

Neville Goddard explains this much better than I can:

“Ideas are impressed on the subconscious through the medium of feeling. No idea can be impressed on the subconscious until it is felt, but once felt – be it good, bad or indifferent – it must be expressed. Feeling is the one and only medium through which ideas are conveyed to the subconscious. Therefore, the man who does not control his feeling may easily impress the subconscious with undesirable states. By control of feeling is not meant restraint or suppression of your feeling, but rather the disciplining of self to imagine and entertain only such feeling as contributes to your happiness. Control of your feeling is all important to a full and happy life.”
Neville Goddard, Feeling is the Secret

7 – Changing Your Energy Vibration

As you write these affirmations and carry out the 55×5 law of attraction method there are subtle changes that take place, mentally, emotionally and physically.

With the physical act of writing your affirmation desire 55 times per day for 5 days, you are setting an energy in motion that is directly linking to your subconscious mind. As your subconscious mind is helping you to create new ideas to help your desire come to fruition this is a very powerful part of the exercise.

Another powerful thing to do here is to say your affirmation aloud as you are writing them. So as you write each one say it out loud. When you finished writing all the 55 affirmations then go back to the beginning and read it out loud.

This is powerful as it creates a different type of vibrational energy and works to attract like for like. The energy you vibrate attracts energy of the same vibrational frequency. So saying your affirmations aloud will help bring about more of what you want in your life.

As mentioned earlier feeling your desire is going to help dramatically bring about your desire much quicker when you are using the 55xx5 law of attraction method. When you get into the motion of something you are creating a different energy pattern from what you are used to, this is what helps bring about change. For you to change something in your life you have to change something in your life and by changing your emotions that is what helps to bring about the change you desire.

Mentally seeing your desire happen, feeling the emotion of it happening all helps to create in your mind something so powerful that it can’t help but come into your reality.

remember your reality is completely different form anybody else’s reality and your reality just now will not be the same reality you have tomorrow or the next day.

You literally change your reality every day with the thoughts you think, the actions you take and the feelings you feel. Change these and you change your reality.

Knowing all of this is really powerful as most people change their reality by repeatedly thinking negative thoughts as they don’t know what I am teaching you just now. if you keep thinking negative thoughts, feeling negative feelings and taking negative actions guess what your life is going to be a big ball of negativity. Conversely if you do the opposite and repeatedly think positive thoughts, feel positive feelings and take positive actions your life will change beyond measure and that is the beauty of this 55×4 law of attraction method as it helps you to change your thoughts, your feelings and helps you to take different actions.


The 55×5 law of attraction method is really powerful technique but it depends how much you put into.

Does it work – absolutely!

Let me know what you think of this article by writing a comment below and then when you do try this method let me know how you get on with it.

Have a brilliant day

Steven Aitchison

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