Break it up, boys.
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21 Savage has looked into his crystal ball, read his tea leaves, and examined multiple palms. His findings? That soon there will be peace from Los Angeles to Toronto. The rapper offhandedly commented on the ongoing beef between Drake and seemingly most of hip-hop May 12 on Instagram Live. What began with Megan Thee Stallion’s “HISS” in March turned into a whole Drake Hate Parade with Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Metro Boomin and Future’s collaborative album We Don’t Trust You last month. Mr. Boomin doubled down by releasing “BBL Drizzy” for the public to make their own diss tracks, offering $10,000 and a Metro beat of their own to the winner. Not exactly friendly terms, but the British rapper’s keeping calm. “Metro my brother and Drake my brother,” Savage said during the Live. “They gonna figure that shit out eventually.”

That may be true, although if someone were to drop a song of the summer contender with your biggest hater and make fun of your plastic surgery, would you be down to hug it out? 21 Savage is a regular collaborator with both sides of this feud — he’s worked with Metro on many songs, including “X,” “No Heart,” and “Glock in My Lap,” plus he has a whole collaborative album with Drake, Her Loss. If they never make up, it’s really 21’s loss. Which one will he invite to his birthday party?

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